“There is nothing more fascinating to me than when an artist can capture the essence of someone's spirit in a portrait.  It was my goal from a young age to be able to successfully render the human form and I spent the better part of my early art career focusing on perfecting my craft through a series of self-portraits.  Ultimately what was important to me was that the marks I left on the canvas tell a story and that you could feel the energy through my paintings long after I created them. 

The last several years I have focused on honing that energy in creating pure abstract paintings.  ‘Making sense’ and color exploration have been a constant themes in my work. The spontaneous energy behind each piece is a nod to the space I was in and who was there with me.  I am not looking to reproduce what is in front of me, but rather record the impression of the experience I had when I was there.“


Karrie is a painter based out of Salem, Massachusetts creating figurative and abstract paintings. Karrie grew up in a rural town in Northern Maine and attended the University of Maine at Presque Isle on full scholarship for study in Fine Arts and earned a Bachelor degree in Fine Arts and Bachelor degree in Art Education. During her time there she created a window painting contest for kids and adults, taught fine arts to grades K-12, and actively contributed to the campus and community at large through volunteering and running events. Post graduation Karrie has exhibited her art across New England, collaborated with Jovi Boutique in Peabody Massachusetts to create and sell textiles of her art, has been an active Salem Arts Festival vendor for the last three years. Karrie currently works with over 100 artists within the New England Region to facilitate fun and approachable painting classes for beginners.